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Massage Therapy

In MBSC's well-rounded approach to training and wellness we believe optimal recovery and soft-tissue health is a necessary piece of the puzzle. We currently have four Licensed Massage Therapists working out of MBSC's Woburn location who can help restore your soft tissue quality.

Kevin Carr

Strength and Conditioning, Licensed Massage Therapy

Whether he is working as a coach or therapist, Kevin's goal is to help you move better so that you can excel at the activities that make you happy.

Kevin has already amassed a wealth of experience in the field of sports performance and personal training while working at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Woburn, Massachusetts. Working with everyone from US Olympians looking for a competitive edge to the Average Joe or looking to shed some pounds and get healthier he has helped countless clients move better and live healthier lives.

He owns and operates Movement As Medicine massage and movement therapy clinic located right next door to MBSC. Kevin and his team of therapists specialize in resolving chronic pain and immobility so that clients can return enjoying their favorite sports and fitness activities.

Kevin is also a world-renowned speaker in the fitness industry, traveling the world educating and certifying coaches with Certified Functional Strength Coach and Perform Better.

In addition to receiving a Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology from The University of Massachusetts-Amherst and a License in Massage Therapy from Cortiva Institute- Watertown, he is also credited with the completion of numerous continuing education certifications including FMS, SFMA, NKT Level 1 and 2, FRC, FAPP, Pn1, and PRI.

Kevin can be contacted at Kevin@Movement-As-Medicine.com



Marco Sanchez

Strength & Conditioning, Lincensed Massage Therapy

Marco Sanchez has been a strength and conditioning coach at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Woburn since completing a summer internship in 2009. Since then Marco has built an extensive resume of personal training and athlete clients, ranging from youths to professionals and Olympians. Since 2014, Marco has been traveling the world educating for the Certified Functional Strength Coach, Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning and Perform Better ranging from Dubai, Qatar, Italy, London and Brazil.

In the fall of 2013, Marco completed his year-long massage therapy licensure and began treating clients and athletes at MBSC. Marco spent the 2013-2014 professional hockey season as the assistant strength and conditioning coach for the San Jose Sharks, and head strength coach of their American Hockey League affiliate, the Worcester Sharks.

Marco is the Clinic Director at 'Movement As Medicine'

Marco can be contacted at Marco@bodybyboyle.com or Marco@movement-as-medicine.com

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