Adult Functional Training Programs

Adult groups at MBSC are designed to help you move better and feel healthier than ever before. Each program is modified for your training level. Our program and our community will motivate and encourage you. Remember, MBSC is not just for athletes! 50% of our clients are adults.

Adult groups are available from one to three times a week depending on your needs and availability. Each program is led from start to finish by a coach who will serve as your guide and motivation throughout the hour. The session begins with soft tissue work and movement quality with an emphasis on active stretching and muscle activation. A dynamic warmup into a plyometric circuit concludes the warmup and then we hit the training floor for three strength circuits incorporating multiplanar movements to ensure well-rounded strength. You will always finish the hour with heart-healthy conditioning which can be anything from pushing sleds, to riding bikes, to treadmill runs.

At MBSC, we design and coach well-rounded programs to ensure health and longevity for our adult clients and athletes alike. Our programs are led from start to finish by coaches who will show and tell you how to correctly execute your workout. We’re looking forward to helping you on your journey!

Click below to see our adult schedules.  Note some classes may reach capacity at certain times during the year-see our adult registration page for up to date availability.

Adult Spring Schedule Woburn and Middleton


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