My personal training sessions with coach Vinnie are extremely interesting and challenging. Very innovative, thoughtful and understanding of the needs we have individually and taking the time to ask questions and if necessary fine tune exercises to fit me or others. Always punctual, always smiling and extremely professional, I am grateful that I get to train with him at MBSC.

- Kristen W

Why do I come to MBSC? Because it’s like a family. Mike and his entire team   make everyone feel comfortable. They’re all extremely knowledgeable about every one of their clients. They work with you to modify each exercise as needed. Throughout each session they make sure you are getting stronger while maintaining form and posture.

- Renee S

Boyle’s is great. A very welcoming environment for all ages and abilities. The trainers are very knowledgeable and personable and go out of their way to make the experience enjoyable.

- Chris L

I started coming to MBSC, as most people do, to get back in shape. At first, I was a little intimidated considering it had been well over a year since I had been in any gym. My trainer, Craig, has been very supportive throughout my training and the camaraderie of the other clients is what keeps me coming back week after week.  

- Matt J

I worked with an MSBC personal trainer for a year, and then joined an MBSC adult group about 4 months ago. I can feel myself getting stronger and moving better every week. Thanks to the great coaches at MBSC for getting me off the couch!

- Cliff M

I have never been too excited about working out, and quite honestly, used to dread it.  But, when I found MBSC, and specifically Joe Squizzero as a trainer, I began to see working out in a whole new light.  Joe has a great understanding of each individual’s goals, limitations and expectations in a workout.  He brings patience and understanding, with guidance and encouragement, that nudge I need to keep going.  Joe has a skill of making you comfortably uncomfortable and trying exercises you would’ve never thought you could do.  From pushing a weighted sled, to pull ups, or Turkish get-ups, OK I actually CAN do those!  Anyone can tell you to move some weights around, run on a tread mill or do some crunches.  Joe does much more than that, his MBSC training and certifications enable him to guide you through each training session with explanations of muscles benefiting, and how to perform the exercises safely.  Each workout is different and inclusive of each muscle group, a total body workout.  The expertise and knowledge he has about training at MBSC could motivate, and does motivate, people of all ages, sizes and skill levels.  My mindset about working out has come a long way, from dreading and avoiding workouts, to finding myself scheduling my days and weeks around when I can get back to MBSC.  For that Joe, I thank you!

- Kristen M

I decided it was finally time to get in shape.  Through the years, I worked out at other gyms and always ended up getting injured.  I wanted to find a place where the staff was not only certified but had college degrees related to the body/fitness field.  I chose MBSC after reading the trainers’ bios.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

MBSC has a different vibe than other gyms.  It has a team vibe where everyone wants you to succeed.  Your trainer customizes your workout sessions to put you in the best position to achieve your fitness goals.  The MBSC staff and other clients get to know you and offer words of encouragement.

My favorite thing about MBSC is my workout sessions with my trainer, Tia.  The sessions are always different and challenging.  I like the immediate feedback Tia gives me regarding my form.  She will show me the proper form for doing the exercise, what the form I was doing looked like and what correction I need to make to perform the exercise properly.

- Natalie F

When I was first introduced to Mike Boyle’s Strength & Conditioning I was extremely intimidated, as I was not physically fit.  I had a number of medical issues and had difficulty performing everyday activities.  However, I was so fortunate to be introduced to Tia Nardella who became my trainer.  I learned early on that Tia was committed to her clients and that she was there for me.  She took my limitations into consideration and developed a program specifically tailored for me. She worked with me and encouraged me through my initial struggles.  My training with Tia has changed my life completely.  I am stronger and my overall fitness continues to improve. I actually look forward to my workout days because I know how much better I feel when I work out.  When I am unable to workout I actually miss it.  I have trained with Tia at MBSC for 2 1/2 years. During that time, Tia has become more than just a trainer, I consider her my friend.

- Lidia C

I started with Steve B a year ago after back surgery to strengthen my core. I have gotten tremendous results. He makes adjustments for anything I need. I am able to be on my feet much longer than I used to be.

- Melanie S

MBSC provides a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for any age person. I have been going to MBSC for ten years and I still look forward to showing up 5 days a week knowing I will get a great workout.  Vinny Talluto provides excellent training sessions which never get boring.  He knows how to incorporate fun into a workout. I have made many friends throughout the years at MBSC not only with my workout partners but with the trainers as well. MBSC is a friendly community that all should experience.

- Stacey M

There are many reasons why I have been going to MBSC for almost 9 years.  I love the variety of people – especially cool to see olympians and professional athletes working hard alongside the commoners.  I also enjoy the positive and collaborative atmosphere of the gym – I never feel judged and I always feel supported.  One of the main reasons I enjoy MBSC these days is because of my trainer, Vinny, who is absolutely fabulous.  He is a very positive, kind and genuine guy.  He really knows his stuff when it comes to getting or keeping me in shape.  Vinny always has me well prepared whether he is getting me ready for ski season, helping me train for a half marathon, or just keeping me healthy.  His workouts are never dull, never repetitive and always exhausting!

- Cynthia U

My time at MBSC has been an extraordinary experience. I have accomplished a significant weight loss which was my original goal and one on which I am still working.

In addition,  I have become stronger, more fit and increased my mobility which had been severely limited due to an accident. All of this is the result of working with committed personal trainers that have my goals and ability front and center when they work with me. Additionally, I have found a supportive community at MBSC that has been instrumental in lifting me up and inspiring on this journey. A journey that has improved the quality of my immeasurably.

- Marie T

I started going to the gym at my Dr’s recommendation as a way to deal with some chronic hip pain. The functional training regimen has been very successful at eliminating the hip pain. Not only that, but I’m probably the strongest I’ve ever been in my 65-year life. The staff at the gym is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They are also the happiest group of people I’ve ever dealt with and this lifts my spirits. All of this keeps me coming into the gym twice a week

- Joe W

I started training at MBSC when I was fourteen years old. Since that time I have played on US National teams, won a national championship with Boston University, and played in the NHL. To this day I believe MBSC has been the cornerstone to my progression as an athlete and is a big reason why I have accomplished many of my career goals.

- Brian Strait

I’ve been coming to MBSC since I was thirteen years old and my training here gets me into shape for the season year after year.

- John McCarthy

As a long time client I can say with confidence that the culture at MBSC fosters a welcoming and non-judgemental environment reinforced by a personable, highly-skilled and dedicated staff.  I have been working out 2x/wk for the past 12 years under the encouraging and watchful eye of Steve Bunker.  Steve’s integrity, intelligence, wit, curiosity and quiet yet commanding demeanor are at the core of his extensive knowledge of all things strength and conditioning.  Using Nietzsche’s truth, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” Steve develops challenging workouts which never fail to instill in me a sense of accomplishment and a drive that motivates me to work harder.

- Catherine M

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