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Pro Athlete Testimonials

Pro Athlete Testimonials

Sasha Sherry

Summer training at Coach Boyle's facility has been undeniably one of 
the biggest contributors to my success as a hockey player. After my 
first summer of training with MBSC in 2008, I went on to receive 
All-American Honors in my subsequent season as a sophomore at Princeton 
University. After my second summer, just recently in 2011, I earned a 
spot on the USA Hockey Women's National Team for an IIHF tournament in 
Finland. The results speak for themselves, and I couldn't be more 
excited to continue my training with MBSC this upcoming season.

– Sasha Sherry
US Women's Hockey
Susan Choi
"Training at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning has been an awesome experience so far!  It's great to know I'm working with a team who really cares for their athletes and wants them to peform well. Not only do I know I'm getting stronger, but its very helpful that the trainers continually stress good posture and form which is key to injury prevention. 
I chose Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning because they have experience wih a variety of professional athletes. As a professional golfer, I went in with very specific goals; injury prevention and increaseing strength & power and I'm very confident I'm well on my way. 
I always feel like I get 100% when I work out at MBSC. Thanks guys!"
– Susan Choi
Professional Golfer
Colin Cloherty

"Training with Mike Boyle took me to the next level, literally. Mike's outstanding training and nutrition regiment put me in the best shape of my life. I increased my strength, speed, and weight, while dropping body fat. His coaching was excellent and helped me excel, especially on Combine-related drills. I can confidently say that I would not be where I am today without the help of Mike and his staff. On a personal level, it was a pleasure to train with Mike."

– Colin Cloherty
NFL- Indianapolis Colts
Andrew Berry

"Training with Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning gave me the numbers and athletic skills needed to compete at the NFL level. After training with Mike, I dropped from 5.4% to 4.3% body fat while gaining 9 pounds of muscle. I dropped my 40-time from the mid-to-high 4.5's to the high 4.4's. The level of personal attention and technical knowledge far exceeded my expectations. I got the best nutrition and everyday health advice I had ever received. Mike and his staff are both wonderful and supportive. Without them, I would never have realized a childhood dream nor have been given the opportunity every boy who picks up a football dreams of."

– Andrew Berry
Washington Redskins
Ryan Durand

"Thank you to Mike and all of his excellent staff. Their combined expertise has helped me to reach my goals. I will be forever grateful. Thank you!"


– Ryan Durand
Tennessee Titans
Nick Hennessey

"Thank you to Mike and his staff for helping me reach and meet all of my expectations. It was a great opportunity to work with like-minded athletes, and was a perfect environment to prepare me for the NFL."

– Nick Hennessey
Buffalo Bills

It's easy to succeed with the help of Michael Boyle and Karen Wood of Body by Boyle.  Not only do they put great skill and thought into designing effective training programs, but they also provide a positive and competitive training environment that inspires excellence.  It's not only what you do, it's how you do it.  That's what counts.   Mike and Karen are there to help keep everything on track.

– Catherine Infantino
USRowing ("Elite")
Brooke O'Hanley

"I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of all your help. You have no idea how thankful I am, I am extremely lucky that you were willing to help me. I could not have made it this far already without you. When Gary Geissler said that you are the best - I think that was an understatement!"

– Brooke O'Hanley
Boston Breakers
Don Sweeney

"I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to train with Mike Boyle for over 20 years and throughout every phase of my NHL career. MBSC programs have the ability to educate young athletes, discover peak efficiency for pro athletes in their prime years, as well as, continue to extend an older athletes' career and establish a healthy lifestyle; which I believe are true testaments to Mike's expertise in the field of strength and conditioning

I found one of Mike Boyle's greatest attributes as a strength coach was to discover innovative ways to challenge athletes while bringing them to elite levels of fitness and dialing them in to their specific needs.

Training at MBSC emphasizes Core Principles' that apply to all sports and every member of the staff is committed to making you more efficient in your training."

– Don Sweeney
Chris Nowinski

"Working with Mike Boyle and his staff changed the course of my career. The enormous strength, speed, and agility improvements I made in just one summer set me up for a successful senior year in the Harvard football program. Amazingly, it also set me up for a career as a pro wrestler in the WWE. I developed the explosiveness to do moonsaults, the strength to suplex anyone, and the agility to come off the top rope, and learned enough about nutrition and training to keep me wrestling night after night healthy and shirtless."

Chris Nowinski is the president of Sports Legacy Institute which is dedicated to studying the effects of concussions and other sports related brain injuries. Through its efforts, SLI aims to maximize the safety and vitality of all athletes who participate in contact and collision sports around the globe.


– Chris Nowinski
Harvard Football - WWE
Sean Ross

"I have seen for myself how the MBSC system has been a major factor in the development of female rugby players. By implementing the MBSC principles of power, lateral and linear speed, strenght, and conditioning, a previously skilled but injury prone athlete was able to develop into the NATIONAL PLAYER OF THE YEAR and make the ALL-WORLD CUP TEAM (Ellie Karvoski). I highly recommend training at MBSC to Maximize your devlopment as a rugby player".


– Sean Ross
Ross Strength and Speed
Kristin Bonomo

"I was fortunate to attend a camp/match with the US Development National team. It was a great experience to attend such a formal event and wear a US jersey.

I wanted to thank you all for your assistance in being able to achieve this and even have the opportunity. I have seen great improvements over the year of training at Boyles. I am even more excited for my teammates that have been recently training at your facility. There have already been great results and they all rave about the training. Sha (Blaney) has now entered the US pool, which I think is a large part having to do with you all and the motivation and training you have given us. In addition, I have no doubt that other players (like Rookie) will have the same results and will enter the US pool in the next year due to the training she has been doing through your program. Just through the summer session, players are already seeing great results and feel stronger and are showing changes in their physique.

I hope you know that we all appreciate you and your hard work!"

– Kristin Bonomo
US Rugby
Zak DeOssie

"Working with Mike Boyle has allowed me to realize my full potential as a football player and an athlete. His logical and intelligent approach to training is a great fit for all athletes of all ages. His NFL Pre-Combine workouts helped to achieve numbers I never thought I could obtain."

– Zak DeOssie
New York Giants Linebacker
Jay Pandolfo

"Mike Boyle was one of the reasons I came to BU. I was 170 lbs. as a freshman and left at 200. The weight I gained made me stronger and faster so I could play at the next level. Mike knows how to get you ready to play hockey. He certainly helped to get me to where I am today"

– Jay Pandolfo
New Jersey Devils
Mike Grier

"Mike instilled in me the importance of working hard and staying in shape during the season and the offseason. Mike was a big factor in my getting ready to play in the NHL."

– Mike Grier
San Jose Sharks
Scott Gomez

"Mike Thanks for everything this summer"

– Scott Gomez
New York Rangers
Hal Gill

"Mike Boyle has been training me for my whole career, he has given me the edge I need to compete at the highest level, without his guidance I wouldn't be where I am today. Any High School or College athlete that lives in the area should take advantage of training at Mike Boyle's"

– Hal Gill
Montreal Canadians
Chris Drury

"I wouldn't have had the success I had without Mike Boyle. He helped me develop a great foundation. Training with Mike in the off season has made me a better conditioning and stronger player each season."

– Chris Drury
New York Rangers
Chris Clark

"I definitely would not be where I am today if I had not trained with Mike and his Staff. You will improve your strength and speed, and will be trained by the best in the business"

– Chris Clark
Washington Capitols
Tricia Dunn

"My dedication and discipline, combined with seven years of training with Mike Boyle and his staff allow me to play with and against the best players in the world"

– Tricia Dunn
USA Women's Ice Hockey Gold and Silver Medalist
David Ball

"Any athlete training with Mike Boyle will see a major improvement in skill and strength development. His program has improved my times for Combine Prep and for track and field"

3 Time All American David surpassed the mark of legend Jerry Rice, who caught 50 touchdown passes while playing at Mississippi Valley State. Ball completes his career with a NCAA record high of 58 TD Catches

– David Ball
Wide Receiver New York Jets
Brendan Shanahan

"I've continued to to the leg program you showed me last summer and I feel stronger as the season goes instead of weaker. Hopefully we will enter the playoffs healthy and hungry."

– Brendan Shanahan
Detroit Red Wings
Tucker Peterson

"Training with Mike Boyle helped me shave.4 seconds off my Pro Agility time in just a few weeks"


– Tucker Peterson
Offensive Lineman-UNH
Katie King

Thank You very much for all you done for me over the past years. Katie King #20

– Katie King
USA Womens Hockey
Paulie Malignaggi

Mike and staff thank you for all the intense training, your staff was great.

– Paulie Malignaggi
Pro Boxer
Stalin Colinet

"Thanks for your time and effort working with me during my pro career, your the best in the business."

– Stalin Colinet
Minnesota Vikings
Global Hockey Consultants

I would like to note the fine work that Mike Boyle has performed with our clients over many years. Although Mike obviously has a fine reputation in the hockey community and has the utmost integrity, one cannot appreciate the depth of his commitment to his clients unless it is seen first hand. Mike has made each of his clients stronger, both physically and mentally; and most importantly, has enabled each player to achieve his maximum potential. I would certainly endorse Mike Boyle to any player who is interested in achieving the highest level of performance. Mark J Witkin GLOBAL HOCKEY CONSULTANTS

– Global Hockey Consultants
Professional Hockey Agents
Marcellus Wiley

In 2006 I commuted from LA to train with Mike Boyle. You are the best by far. Thanks for getting me right!! I did it with you

– Marcellus Wiley
Defensive End, Jacksonville Jaguars
James Driscoll

"The overall strength and fitness that I have gained from Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning give me a physical edge and a psychological edge when I am competing on the PGA tour. Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning has played an integral part in reaching my goals. Since I started the Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning program in November of 2000 I have gained the strength and flexibility that it takes to compete on the PGA tour"

– James Driscoll
PGA Tour Professional
Michael Sullivan

"I don't think I could have survived this long in the league if it was not for your knowledge and willingness to help me stay on top of my game.You have been a significant factor in the success of so many players who have trained with you over the years. The kids in our area are so fortunate to have the opportunity to be exposed to such cutting edge theory in the worldof oerformance training. Thanks again to you and your staff.

– Michael Sullivan
Boston Bruins / Former Bruins Coach
Gretchen Anderson

"I have had personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches before but through all of that I never showed such vast improvement both mentally and physically as I did last summer in your program."

– Gretchen Anderson
USA Women's Ice Hockey
Paul Talmo

Training at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning has helped me get better every year while most of my peers in this league are retiring. My only regret is not having worked out this way when I was much younger.

– Paul Talmo
National Lacrosse League, Boston Cannons, Major Le
Max Lane

The staff at Boyle's provided a great place to get the proper workouts to get me back on the field. What sets Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning apart is the consistency of instruction from every member of their excellent staff.

– Max Lane
New England Patriots (1994-2000)
Brian Strait
  • "I started training at MBSC when I was fourteen years old. Since that time I have played on US National teams, won a national championship with Boston University, and played in the NHL. To this day  I believe MBSC has been the cornerstone to my progression as an athlete and is a big reason why I have accomplished many of my career goals."
– Brian Strait
John McCarthy
  • "I've been coming to MBSC since I was thirteen years old and my training here gets me into shape for the season year after year."
– John McCarthy
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