Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning
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Pro Athlete Testimonials

Pro Athlete Testimonials

Susan Choi
"Training at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning has been an awesome experience so far!  It's great to know I'm working with a team who really cares for their athletes and wants them to peform well. Not only do I know I'm getting stronger, but its very helpful that the trainers continually stress good posture and form which is key to injury prevention. 
I chose Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning because they have experience wih a variety of professional athletes. As a professional golfer, I went in with very specific goals; injury prevention and increaseing strength & power and I'm very confident I'm well on my way. 
I always feel like I get 100% when I work out at MBSC. Thanks guys!"
– Susan Choi
Professional Golfer
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