Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning
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Pro Athlete Testimonials

Pro Athlete Testimonials

Don Sweeney

"I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to train with Mike Boyle for over 20 years and throughout every phase of my NHL career. MBSC programs have the ability to educate young athletes, discover peak efficiency for pro athletes in their prime years, as well as, continue to extend an older athletes' career and establish a healthy lifestyle; which I believe are true testaments to Mike's expertise in the field of strength and conditioning

I found one of Mike Boyle's greatest attributes as a strength coach was to discover innovative ways to challenge athletes while bringing them to elite levels of fitness and dialing them in to their specific needs.

Training at MBSC emphasizes Core Principles' that apply to all sports and every member of the staff is committed to making you more efficient in your training."

– Don Sweeney
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