Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning
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Pro Athlete Testimonials

Pro Athlete Testimonials

Chris Nowinski

"Working with Mike Boyle and his staff changed the course of my career. The enormous strength, speed, and agility improvements I made in just one summer set me up for a successful senior year in the Harvard football program. Amazingly, it also set me up for a career as a pro wrestler in the WWE. I developed the explosiveness to do moonsaults, the strength to suplex anyone, and the agility to come off the top rope, and learned enough about nutrition and training to keep me wrestling night after night healthy and shirtless."

Chris Nowinski is the president of Sports Legacy Institute which is dedicated to studying the effects of concussions and other sports related brain injuries. Through its efforts, SLI aims to maximize the safety and vitality of all athletes who participate in contact and collision sports around the globe.


– Chris Nowinski
Harvard Football - WWE
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