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Pro Athlete Testimonials

Pro Athlete Testimonials

Kristin Bonomo

"I was fortunate to attend a camp/match with the US Development National team. It was a great experience to attend such a formal event and wear a US jersey.

I wanted to thank you all for your assistance in being able to achieve this and even have the opportunity. I have seen great improvements over the year of training at Boyles. I am even more excited for my teammates that have been recently training at your facility. There have already been great results and they all rave about the training. Sha (Blaney) has now entered the US pool, which I think is a large part having to do with you all and the motivation and training you have given us. In addition, I have no doubt that other players (like Rookie) will have the same results and will enter the US pool in the next year due to the training she has been doing through your program. Just through the summer session, players are already seeing great results and feel stronger and are showing changes in their physique.

I hope you know that we all appreciate you and your hard work!"

– Kristin Bonomo
US Rugby
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