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Adult/PT Clients Testimonials

Adult and Personal Training Client Testimonials

Mark Melkonian

"Dear Mike,

     I know you're an amazingly busy guy, but I just had to write to you. I walked into MBSC in early April. I was so damn down and out. I am this pretty successful guy approaching 50. Lost 12 pounds on my own but truly felt so lost. Anxiety, stress and purely depressed. Mike, 298 pounds. Totally pure Massachusetts prime USDA beef. Met with Bob who quickly turned me to Anthony Morando. This amazing young guy took me under his wing, basically told me to chill out. Said he and I could totally make anything we wanted happen. Well, let me tell YOU - we have taken this 298 pound, 50 year old man down to 245 pounds in 5 months. What else could I write? My wife is a cancer survivor and type 2 diabetic with a history of heart disease. She has started working with Anthony has lost 10 pounds and gained better health. My oldest son with special needs finds this Malden boy to be his hero and mentor. You truly are so lucky to have people like Anthony working for you. Don't mess with the recipe Mike!! Trust me, I have been messing with my forefathers recipe for years. I finally realized ya don't mess with perfection. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having a facility and staff that truly cares about the well being of my family and your clients."

– Mark Melkonian
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