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Adult/PT Clients Testimonials

Adult and Personal Training Client Testimonials

I really enjoyed the mentorship program this past week. I do spend a lot of time and effort reading, attending seminars, and coaching what I learned. There is a lot of confusing, conflicting information/ research out there that I feel isn't based on application or has never been coached. It was a real pleasure to spend the early week with you, and hear and see how you coach. i really enjoy your humble KISS approach.

It is a sigh of relief to see first hand that someone who I've looked up to (you), shares a lot of the same principles in thought, and in coaching/application that I've learned and try to apply.

I also really enjoyed your down to earth approach to your attendees of this mentorship, I know and have witnessed first hand how the egos are in this industry. You also have done a wonderful job with your staff, they are very personable and knowledgeable. As an employer I know how hard it is to find a great staff, please relay to them that I appreciated their work and help.

– Frank Nash
Mentorship Participant
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