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Adult/PT Clients Testimonials

Adult and Personal Training Client Testimonials

"Enrolling in a structured program with a trainer allows one to make a commitment to physical activity enabling one to focus on toning and strengthening specific body parts. Prior to enrolling in Boyle's I did consider myself physically active. I used to run a minimum of 30-45 minutes a day and had a series of weight lifting exercises 3 times/week. I knew it was time to seek a higher form of exercising when my knees began to ache and my back muscles did not reflect the signs of my daily physical routine.

My husband and I decided to try a 10-week program at Boyle's last fall to evaluate the benefit of a personal trainer in reaching our goals. We are very pleased with the results of working with Adrienne, our personal trainer. Working one on one allows each of us an opportunity to focus in on strengthening and sculpting areas of weakness. Six weeks into the program I started to see physical body signs of definition on my back and other body parts. In addition to the visible improvements I was amazed at how much speed I was picking up on the hill when the ski season finally began this year.

We are more than pleased with the result of working out at Boyle's and are fortunate to have the pleasure of working with our instructor, Adrienne Norris who pushes us to achieve our goals."

– Leah Morrison
Personal Training Client/ Runner, Skier
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