Annie Siemasko

August 31, 2023

Annie joined the MBSC staff after her internship in the fall of 2022. Annie is a graduate of Endicott College, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Annie played on the EC Women’s Softball team and also assisted in coaching a variety of different teams in the weight-room. Annie has also amassed ample training knowledge from her other internships at ProForm Physical Therapy and T1 Training Strength and Performance. Annie’s long history of participating in and coaching athletics stemmed from an early passion for feeling strong and capable. Her love of fitness and building self-confidence in others translates into her coaching style. Annie always brings positive energy and cares deeply about fostering relationships with everyone she works with, as she prides herself in building mentally resilient and capable athletes and clients who believe in themselves and their abilities. To ensure the best possible service for her clients, Annie has become a Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), is CPR/AED Certified, and First Aid Certified. Annie values safety and continued education so that her athletes and clients can move well, dominate in their sport, and feel better about themselves in and out of the gym.

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