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MBSC has partnered with Train Heroic to offer the most comprehensive performance enhancement training and online training in the nation. The MBSC results-driven approach that has been refined for decades is now available online in a virtual format. From performance in any sport to a comprehensive functional fitness program for adults – MBSC has a program for everyone. All of our programs are risk-free, and members can cancel anytime.

Online Group Training

These ongoing programs are built around the specific needs and seasons of a given sport. Members are monitored by the expert coaches at MBSC to ensure that they are getting the most out of their programs.

Hockey Performance

The exact program we do remotely with our pro-hockey group! Train with the same system that pros like Jack Eichel, Hillary Knight and Bruins Legend Cam Neeley have chosen to keep themselves at the top of their game.



 Soccer Performance

A 4-Day, complete performance conditioning program designed to take your game to the next level. This comprehensive program covers all you need to improve your speed and explosive power, helping you dominate the field.



Adult Performance

Based on the same programming we use with our Adult Groups at MBSC, this online group offers 5-6 sessions a week covering everything from foam rolling and mobility to strength & power training.



Boston Pride Futures Performance

Train like the Pride – Boston’s very own NWHL team, and receive the same program our women’s hockey pros use to keep them performing at the top of their game on and off the ice.



Remote Programs

For athletes looking to work independently, we offer several self-paced programs that will give you access to the same workouts as our MBSC Athletes, without the direction of a coach.

In-Home Athlete Program – Phase 1

6-day, 4-week program that can be done in a basement, garage, backyard, etc. This program contains all the basics for athletic development and can be done with minimal equipment.



In-Home Athlete Program – Phase 2

The second phase of our In-Home Athlete Program offers progressions for many of the exercises covered in Phase 1, and alters the load and volume of each workout to ensure maximal results.



One on One Training

For those with specific goals, who are looking for the most individualized program possible, we offer One on One Online Training. This option gives you a program built from the ground up around you, and one-to-one access to an MBSC coach. For more information on One-on-One training, please email us at the link below and provide us with a general outline of what you’re looking to accomplish.



Contact Us

If you have questions about any of our online training programs, we’re here to help! Please contact our staff at the emails below.

Ken Whittier
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Steve Bigelow
Strength & Conditioning Coach

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