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Adult/PT Clients Testimonials

Adult and Personal Training Client Testimonials

"Just wanted to send you all a huge IRISH BEST WISHES for 2016 
Since I have returned home from MBSC my business has 'taken off' 
I can't thank you enough for investing your time, energy & expertise during my amazing Summer @ MBSC. This experience has both transcended me as a coach & person. My business as a result has doubled as a direct result & in the New year I am moving to a bigger facility"
John Mc Mahon
Owner J Max Fitness
Derry, Ireland
Summer Intern 2015
– John McMahon
Summer Intern 2015

Dear Bob,
I don't know if you remember me, but I came to observe your gym and talk to you about 2 months ago. I really just wanted to thank you and your staff. I really appreciate the time you took to talk to me and your staff was also very helpful and interactive with me. As I'm sure you already know, you and Mike have a first rate program and a great "get the job done" facility. It was great to see your "system" in action.

I recently joined as an online MBSC member and I love all the resourced and information you offer! I have been a loyal Gray Cook, Mark Verstegen, and Mike Boyle fan over the past few years. I appreciate your dedication, passion, and wisdom. It is these resources that has allowed me to grow as a business owner. I spend several hours a week implementing what I learn with my own trainers, continuously improving our own system so we can in turn help our clients even more because of people like you.

A very sincere thank you,
Matt Pendola

– Matt Pendola
Business Owner\Gym

I really enjoyed the mentorship program this past week. I do spend a lot of time and effort reading, attending seminars, and coaching what I learned. There is a lot of confusing, conflicting information/ research out there that I feel isn't based on application or has never been coached. It was a real pleasure to spend the early week with you, and hear and see how you coach. i really enjoy your humble KISS approach.

It is a sigh of relief to see first hand that someone who I've looked up to (you), shares a lot of the same principles in thought, and in coaching/application that I've learned and try to apply.

I also really enjoyed your down to earth approach to your attendees of this mentorship, I know and have witnessed first hand how the egos are in this industry. You also have done a wonderful job with your staff, they are very personable and knowledgeable. As an employer I know how hard it is to find a great staff, please relay to them that I appreciated their work and help.

– Frank Nash
Mentorship Participant

"Enrolling in a structured program with a trainer allows one to make a commitment to physical activity enabling one to focus on toning and strengthening specific body parts. Prior to enrolling in Boyle's I did consider myself physically active. I used to run a minimum of 30-45 minutes a day and had a series of weight lifting exercises 3 times/week. I knew it was time to seek a higher form of exercising when my knees began to ache and my back muscles did not reflect the signs of my daily physical routine.

My husband and I decided to try a 10-week program at Boyle's last fall to evaluate the benefit of a personal trainer in reaching our goals. We are very pleased with the results of working with Adrienne, our personal trainer. Working one on one allows each of us an opportunity to focus in on strengthening and sculpting areas of weakness. Six weeks into the program I started to see physical body signs of definition on my back and other body parts. In addition to the visible improvements I was amazed at how much speed I was picking up on the hill when the ski season finally began this year.

We are more than pleased with the result of working out at Boyle's and are fortunate to have the pleasure of working with our instructor, Adrienne Norris who pushes us to achieve our goals."

– Leah Morrison
Personal Training Client/ Runner, Skier

"I love running and have always found it exhilarating to run in all kinds of weather. My running unfortunately resulted in an injury which I stubbornly tried to fix by myself. I was totally frustrated and no longer confident that I would be able to run again. With skepticism, I started training at MBSC and now am convinced that Mike Boyle and his experienced personal trainers are well aware of where runners' heads are at, and more importantly, what it takes to get us back to running. Workouts are varied, fun, push me to my limits, and almost as exciting as running (if the gym were outdoors I would like it even better). My personal trainer has given me back my freedom!" 

– Catharine
Personal Training Client/ Runner
"Self confidence, passion, joy, strength. This is what I get from my personal training sessions at Mike Boyle's. I would come every day if I could. The physical results are obvious....long, lean sculpted muscle that replaces fat. The entire experience is achieved in an encouraging, un-intimidating and professional atmosphere that is so much fun!"
– Kristen Ward
"Going to Boyles is one of the best things that we do for ourselves and our family. Whether we are working out for health and fitness or training for a specific sport, the personal and group training is geared to suit each member of our family's specific needs. The staff members are extremely knowledgeable, professional and provide excellent training in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Since we've been training at Boyles, we are a healthier family."
– Mark and Gael Robinson

I feel that one important aspect about Boyle's is often overlooked in the mounds of praise people have for the workout program and the technical knowledge of the staff, that is , caring "family like", attitude that exudes from every person on your staff. Importantly everyone at Boyle's is knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and truly caring, whether you are a star in the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA an Olympian, a Boyle's addict (like Kristen and me) or a first time exerciser. We are all treated like we are working out at our own home gym with friends, all while being pushed to our limits and THAT is special!

– Jim Ward
I never did anything athletic until the age of 36 when I started rowing and fell in love with the sport. But I didnt have the coordination, strength or athletic acumen to be competent. A friend recommended that I try MBSC and after one winter of working out I quickly became one of the strongest and adept rowers on my team. At 41 people think I have always been an athlete and that I am in my early thirties. Every achievement is celebrated and the environment is positive no matter what level you are at.
– Marianna McCormick
"I worked out much harder at Boyle's, developed muscles I didn't know existed and became far more flexible than ever before. Admittedly I didn't think I was quite going to make it through a few early stage workouts. But I managed to survive without losing consciousness. I gave up road running to train exclusively at Boyle's. Surprisingly to me, I actually gained 25 pounds of muscle. You are simply the best."
– Michael C.

"The staff does an amazing job helping everyone from 250 pound college hockey players to 100 pound junior high school figure skaters reach their full athletic potential. I have to admit that I love being able to say that I work out (and keep up) with people half my age. They say you are only as old as you feel and Boyle's makes me feel pretty young." -

– Madeleine T.

"I am now beginning my third session of strength and conditioning classes and I feel great! The fatigue and physical stress that I had experienced from running no longer occur. I will be 56 in November and I am in the best condition of my life. It's remarkable how with all of the clients in your programs you manage to treat each one of us with individual attention "

– Ed E.

"By far, Mike Boyle's Strength and Conditioning program is the most positive and productive athletic and social experience that Maegan has participated in to date."

– David Hoover
Program Director, Mass Wildcats Girls AAU Basketball
Mark Melkonian

"Dear Mike,

     I know you're an amazingly busy guy, but I just had to write to you. I walked into MBSC in early April. I was so damn down and out. I am this pretty successful guy approaching 50. Lost 12 pounds on my own but truly felt so lost. Anxiety, stress and purely depressed. Mike, 298 pounds. Totally pure Massachusetts prime USDA beef. Met with Bob who quickly turned me to Anthony Morando. This amazing young guy took me under his wing, basically told me to chill out. Said he and I could totally make anything we wanted happen. Well, let me tell YOU - we have taken this 298 pound, 50 year old man down to 245 pounds in 5 months. What else could I write? My wife is a cancer survivor and type 2 diabetic with a history of heart disease. She has started working with Anthony has lost 10 pounds and gained better health. My oldest son with special needs finds this Malden boy to be his hero and mentor. You truly are so lucky to have people like Anthony working for you. Don't mess with the recipe Mike!! Trust me, I have been messing with my forefathers recipe for years. I finally realized ya don't mess with perfection. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having a facility and staff that truly cares about the well being of my family and your clients."

– Mark Melkonian


Just a quick note to applaud you for "Advances in Functional Training." I'm a life long strength and fitness enthusiast, and in the past ten years, I have devoured several fitness and strength training books, articles, and websites. As a younger man, I was the typical uninformed "idiot" and thought bodybuilding splits were the Holy Grail. However, about 10 years ago I purchased Core Performance," and my thoughts and my practices began to evolve. I started using one legged squats, RDL's, and ceased isolated movements completely. Olympic lifting became essential, and mobility and flexibility became standard for me. The results have been great! The most positive thing is, at 40, my joints thank me. The best part about your book is the program design. That was always my nemesis, and you simplified it for even the simplest among us! Thank you for sharing your hard earned knowledge, and if I'm ever in the Boston area again, I'm definitely checking out your facility!

Best wishes,

– J.R. Holder

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank your entire program for such a great experience. I joined the adult program last July and have absolutely loved every single moment. It has been exactly the type of gym/exercise/workout that I have wanted for years. It is such an incredibly positive environment - your trainers are just awesome. They all work together to ensure everyone is doing the exercises correctly, even if they are working with a different group. Truly, I think it is such a great program. I have been spreading the word as well and have had four people join me in the program last winter and spring after telling them how great it was. Again, thank you for everything. Looking forward to many years of great exercise.

Very Truly Yours,

– Chad Riley

This fall marks my second season doing the 2-day Adult Performance training and because of MBSC’s top-notch staff like Ana, I will be participating for many seasons to come. I even got my father onboard this time around and he has become a huge fan of the program. Ana is a great trainer and motivator and is always pushing for you to do better and improve yourself. She is patient and never hesitates to help or modify an exercise to fit your limitations. Additionally, she goes above and beyond to help with nutrition by providing relevant and informative articles while always being available via email to answer questions. The MBSC staff is second-to-none and the MBSC experience as a whole is even better. I work in sales and only wish I could sell a product like what MBSC offers!

– Tom Knych
Bev D'Agostino

I have an extremely busy schedule that makes it difficult to find the time to work out, but MBSC is always very accommodating with early morning hours. My trainer Adrienne creates a combination of both strength training and cardio that is specific to my needs; she designs the workout to become progressively more challenging for me to meet new goals.  I believe that working out with her has not only been beneficial to my body, but helps relieve the stresses needed to complete my busy days!

Dedication, a keen consciousness for new goals and keeping me physically and mentally fit are why I look forward to my morning workout session with Adrienne Norris at MBSC!

– Bev D'Agostino
Dr. Joseph Leader

I have been a client of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning for approximately 12 years.  During this period, I have trained twice weekly and feel that this continued  effort has clearly helped me to retain my strength and stability.  As a consequence, at the age of 75, I continue to work full time as a physician and have been able to do so because of the rigorous work-outs that have been taught by my trainer Steve Bunker. 

– Dr. Joseph Leader

"I walked into Boyle's 6 years ago with a patella tracking issue that was limiting my physical activity and causing considerable pain. Steve Bunkers' expertise has helped me  strengthen my knees which has allowed me to get back to all of my favorite activities. I now work out with several friends and Steve is a pro at keeping us motivated with dynamic workouts. He is incredibly knowledgeable
and continually modifies our work outs if one of us has an injury.  Steve stays right with us and pushes us to reach and exceed our goals. I look forward to my sessions with Steve because he pushes me beyond what I thought I was capable of & does it in a way that I feel a sense of accomplishment after our sessions."

– Laura Kelley


    It was a pleasure meeting you at the Perform Better Summit in Long Beach. We've started using a lot of the movements you taught in the hands on seminar and many of our clients ahve been having less back pain and are moving better. Thank you for being a leader in the industry and helping younger trainers achieve greater results with our businesses and clients.

- Kian Ameli

– Kian Ameli

"Adrienne is an outstanding trainer at MBSC, Woburn.  Although I train with her in a group of six, I feel I receive individualized training.  She knows each of our strengths and weaknesses, and personalizes the training to address them.  Adrienne always has a new exercise to challenge us, we can rarely predict what she has in store for us with each session.  She pushes me to be comfortably uncomfortable and I see (and feel!) the results I haven't gotten in any other workout I've done at different gyms or classes.  The MBSC facility itself is clean, active, upbeat and updated with new equipment regularly.  I recommend MBSC for any person looking for an effective workout."

– Kirsten May

"I began training at MSBC in the fall of 2010.  Working with Adrienne Norris, I have improved my strength and conditioning while lowering my stress level.
Adrienne is innovative and my workouts are constantly changing; there is never a dull moment.  I really enjoy the positive energy and camaraderie shared by the instructors and my fellow clients. Time to leave your tired old workout routine and give Boyle a try!"

– Robert Ramsey, 49

Hi Kevin.
I just enjoyed reading your spotlight sent by Boyle's. I wanted to thank you for all your assistance over the past five months.  Last week I passed the physical ability test with 28 seconds to spare.  I have been offered an opportunity to be a candidate with the Cambridge Police Department.  I am scheduled to enter the Lowell Municipal Police Academy on June 4th.  I cannot thank you enough for your guidance, support and constant reminders on perfect form.  Your advice on nutrition was a game changer for me.  You have given me the opportunity to change careers and financially support my family.  Most importantly, you have placed me on a path to a healthier lifestyle and a longer life.  
All my best and with sincere appreciation,

– Joe Grassi
Early Bird Adult Group


Dear Michael,

Thanks to the information in your latest book, I could partially solve problems with my knees. Thank you so much for that!


– Christophe Chauvet

"When I first walked into MBSC in 2008, this is the suit I was wearing. At that time, I was about a Thanksgiving dinner away from 400, with a 2-pack per day Peanut M&M habit. I have received great input from Mike Boyle and his staff. I was told that this will be a process, not an overnight cure. I have worked with wonderful, professional trainers, Kyle Holland (diet), Dan Gabelman (focus), Brendon Rearick (kinesiology), and Anthony Morando (modification & Boot camps.) Since being involved with Body by Boyle’s, I’ve been invited to groups and seminars, charity relays, and I’ve run multiple 5Ks. I haven’t had a peanut M&M in over a year; also I was turned down by Biggest Loser for being too small! My own fat loss has not been a quick fix, but slow and steady. So now I’m a lunch buffet under 300.

Many people have been so very giving during this process. How much do I have to go? My body knows and will tell me when I’m done. However, I know MBSC will be there, as they have been every cardio step of the journey."

– Don Bravo
Sharon Boutin

                I have participated in Boyle’s Adult Performance training at the North Andover facility for over a year.  I am a former athlete who has majorly benefited from the structure provided during each training session.  The sessions are challenging and fun, and have motivated me in a way that regular gym attendance never has.  During the past year, I have lost 20 pounds and 16.8 overall inches.  I have also improved my overall strength and decreased feelings of fatigue. 

- Sharon Boutin 

– Sharon Boutin

Mike Boyle,

When I started working out at MBSC, I had just come back to training after a disc injury.  I was a self proclaimed gym rat and trained hard and heavy as I understood the long term benefits of weight training for women. What I didn't understand was that I could not train at the same level and intensity as my body began to age and incur injuries from repetitive movement from "old school" training.  When I tore 2 discs in my lower spine and was told to "dial it back for 1 year" from my orthopedist, my heart sank. I knew I needed to rest but to me, rest was a four letter word. I was truly afraid to return to the gym on my own for fear that I would go back to my old ways of training. I knew I needed a gym atmosphere that would help me get back to a healthy and challenging baseline from which I could build.

When I first walked into the North Andover facility, I was greeted by a wonderful and enthusiastic team of trainers, led by Steve Bunker, who kept a watchful and vigilant eye on my every move. From rolling out before the workout to completing the conditioning cycle at the end, I was assessed and assisted to make sure that I had proper, safe form which has now become the cornerstone of my training. My initial workouts were rehabilitative to help me build strength in my lower back as well as the other muscles that had weakened or over compensated from my injury. I didn't know that I needed rehab, but Steve and the team at MBSC did. With each workout session, I made small strides and learned to accept that I needed to rethink my training and understand where I was at physically.  I don't think I would have had this training epiphany if it hadn't been for the top notch team of trainers in North Andover. They explained the exercises and what they were for and most importantly why it was important for me to do them. I worked hard and always felt so revived after my sessions. For an old  gym rat, I had found a place that I could train effectively and safely. After 8 weeks, I was able to shovel my driveway ( no small feat) with no pain and no fatigue. I couldn't believe the strength and stamina I had acquired in such a short time. The team at MBSC is truly outstanding and I am so grateful to them for helping me get back into shape.


Ana Packard 

– Ana Packard

Testimonial to MBSC
I'm an active mid-50s individual who has competed in sports all my life, and worked out steadily in different capacities for close to 40 years.  Having trained in numerous gyms along the way, I can say with confidence, that the coaches/trainers at MBSC are by far and away the best I've ever seen.  I'm talking about knowledge base, enthusiasm, energy, commitment to the members, and personability (if that's a word). 
The concepts at MBSC are designed to improve athletes' performance and make regular people more functionally fit.  That sentence does no justice to this wonderful place.  The workouts are precisely designed and challenging; the people are great, and the results are remarkable. 
Like many other aging athletes, my body has taken a serious beating over the years.  I've had knee operations, herniated discs, rotator cuff problems, and a whole gaggle of other issues along the way.  In order to continue to compete in any sport at this age, and get the most out of life, training needs to be smarter, which includes finding and improving weak points, and working around certain limitations.  The coaches and concepts at MBSC provide for this need extremely well.
The following cannot be stressed enough … it's obvious that during the group sessions, the MBSC coaches are tuned in to each individual in the group.  They convey a genuine concern for each member, and are clearly committed to making sure each member gets everything possible out of each workout.  I have NEVER seen this level of energy, knowledge, and commitment ANYWHERE else in this industry.  And the friendliness of the entire staff makes workout days that much more pleasurable.
I highly recommend MBSC to anyone (of any age) who is serious about getting fit or improving athletic performance.
Roy Alminas
Satisfied Member

– Roy Alminas

Tracy and I joined the Body by Boyles Spring 2014 Adult Session. It was my 4th session and Tracy's first. Ken Whittier did the majority of the training.

 Ken was excellent. His communication skills were clear and concise, his knowledge was impressive and his enthusiasm and energy were very consistent. Even though we are just average adults looking to get a good workout, Ken treated us like varsity athletes. He was constantly correcting our form and giving us tips to improve. His classes were both fun and productive.


What separates Boyles from your competition is the level of instruction from your trainers are superior. You have an excellent staff but Ken really stood out for us this spring.


We will be back in the future but couldn't walk away from this spring without dropping you this note of thanks..


– Mike
Stephanie Wood
From a former athlete at Northeastern University to now involved with hockey as a living, the need to stay healthy, active, and at my best is imperative.
Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Functional Training classes help keep me in top shape and provide functional training to protect my body. With recent orthopedic surgery, the combination of MBSC training and PT services has allowed me to make a seamless recovery, continue my regular daily on and off-ice activities, and feeling my absolute healthiest. 
Stephanie Wood
Director Islanders Hockey Club-2015 Director of the Year
Austin Prep: MIAA D1 Boston Globe Coach of the Year
USA Hockey: 2014 New Leader Award 
– Stephanie Wood

 I'm not very good at goodbyes especially when the people involved are as great as the crew you have there at the gym.

I would just like them to know how much I appreciate all of them, especially Kevin. He and John Pallof  literally made it possible for me to continue with my school for years more than I would have been able to otherwise. Having the opportunity to train at MBSC for so long also gave me the opportunity to see how terrific your entire team is there. Everyone is super professional and positive yet still personable, down to earth, and a whole lot of fun.

I'm going to miss everyone, the energy, and the atmosphere a ton. But mostly I'm just hugely grateful to have had the privilege to train with Kevin, in such a great facility, and surrounded by such an exceptional group of people.


– Andrea Sheffield
  • "Nandi has been coming to MBSC since she was a sophomore in High School. Now she comes every time she is back from Northwestern University. So we had heard of MBSC for years from her and from many of the other parents.
  • Last year my wife, fractured her left humerus. What was even more concerning was that she damaged her left brachial plexus resulting in total paralysis of her left hand including sensory loss. . At that time no neurologist at the MGH or BWH was willing to prognosticate what her recovery would be. After shoulder surgery at the MGH to repair the fractures, she started PT & OT. However the progress was very slow and limited.  My daughter then suggested she start one-on-one training sessions at MBSC. Kevin evaluated her  and she started one-on-one sessions with Vinny last September. We just passed her one year mark since her injury. Her progress had been nothing short of amazing. . Even MGH PT discharged her a few months ago and told her she needed to do what she is doing at MBSC  as she way exceeded their expectations and their ability to help her. I could not have imagined her coming so far. We are really very grateful for all that your team has done for her.


  • I have been coming to the Tuesday-Thursday sessions at either 6 or 7pm, with either Lori or Ken. Both are phenomenal. I look forward to every session when I am not traveling and able to make it. What makes it so special, apart from the reputation that you have established, is the culture of genuine encouragement, the attention to detail to one's form, the thought that goes into each of the exercise clusters  and the way people reach out and help. I witnessed this last Thursday when I joined my wife in the morning, a time I never come to MBSC.  I thought I would  follow the instruction boards while she had her one-on-one training session. Ken had nothing of it. He asked an intern to work with me. It was really a terrific experience. Experiences like this are what make the difference.


  • In my work at Partners Healthcare International, I work with hospitals and medical schools internationally to help them improve and grow, I have learn  to recognize what makes institutions excel in a sustained fashion.  MBSC has all these elements and more!


                Thank you one again for all that done for our family"

– Mehul Mehta
I’d like to thank you for playing a great role in my experience with the Spring Mentorship at MBSC.  I really appreciate how you took the time to provide the group with quality information on how MBSC runs.
I’m so happy that your facility continues to grow and that you are providing the industry standard for health and fitness.  After spending 4 days at MBSC it’s very apparent that your best asset isn’t the equipment it’s the people.

Thank you once again Bob for your time and effort these past 4 days.  I had a blast!

Best Regards,

Mark Kane PT
– Mark Kane

My name is Kate Nagele and I’m an MBSC Thrive client at City Fitness Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia.

 I am writing to let you know you have an exceptional employee, Sam Richmond, within your company. I have been working with Sam for almost 3 years, we started training together shortly after my recovery from spine surgery. Not only has he helped me lose a significant amount of weight, but he’s guided me with alternative lifts/movements that are safe for my specific health issues.

 Sam is a leader in every sense of the word. He’s knowledgeable, trustworthy and makes sincere investments into his client’s goals.

 I just wanted to express my gratitude and make sure you’re aware that he is such an asset to the Thrive/City Fitness community.

 Thanks for your time,



– Katie
 I just wanted to thank you once again for all the help. Since leaving MBSC, I started Massage Therapy School and started coaching more. The Journey has been amazing and couldn't have done it without you, Brendon, Kevin, and the Team at MBSC. Been reaching out and providing free clinics and basketball camps to Native American Communities. Now, my brother and I have started a small business and looking to provide education, positive coaching, and exercise to make the world a better place. I'm thankful for everything because you guys believed in me and nourished my passion and it lead to so many doors and opportunities. I'm thankful for everything and your teachings will be shared and taught. Lastly, your leadership, kindness,  and legacy will forever be legendary.
Lengthy message but MBSC,CFSC, and Movement as Medicine are life changing coaches who left their print in Native American Communities and our coaching is a direct refection of how each coach at MBSC has helped and impacted us. True professionals changing lives everyday thank you for all your knowledge. 
– Maurice B
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